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Visit San Francisco Rug Gallery and Explore our

Contemporary and Modern Oriental Rug Collection

San Francisco Rug Gallery's modern and new handmade oriental rugs offer a colorful look at many aspects of world culture. As a collector, designer, decorator or an architect you give the nod to the artisan weavers in small villages and faraway cultures, acknowledging their expertise, passion, and love of color which they portray in the handmade rugs they weave. Some of the rugs included in San Francisco Rug Gallery's contemporary and modern oriental rug collection are:
Bakhshayesh, Bakhtiari, Bamboo Silk and Wool Indian, Bamboo Silk, Indian, Caucasian Moghan, Egyptian, Extremely Fine Pakistani, Farahan, Fine Bamboo Silk and Wool Indian, Fine Camel Hair, Fine Indian, Fine Kork Persian Kashan, Fine Pak Chobi, Fine Pakistani, Fine Persian Tabriz Silk & Wool, Fine Wool Pile, Indian, Gharabagh, Indian Agra, Kork Manchester Kashan, Melayear, Mohajeran Saruk, Moroccan Design, Old Persian Mashhad Saber, Original Old Agra, Persian Kashan, Persian Kork Manchester Kashan, Persian Serab, Ravar Kerman, Serab, Serapi, Silk and Wool Tibetan-Style, Silk and Wool V'soske, Viscose, Tibetan Design, Wool and Silk Indian, Wool Indian, Wool Original Moroccan, Wool Pile Afghan, Wool Pile Indian, Wool Oushak, and Wool Pile Indo Serapi.

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